October 24th 2018 | Edinburgh

NCC Group

NCC Group is a leading global information assurance firm, providing freedom from doubt that all critical material is available, protected, and operating as it should be at all times. Information assurance is delivered through escrow and verification, security testing, audit and compliance, software testing and web performance services.

NCC Group’s security testing, audit and compliance division assures the protection of your information against malicious attacks and data loss, and the compliance of your processes with legal requirements.

With the UK’s largest penetration testing team and top-level accreditations from bodies ranging from the government’s CESG CHECK scheme to the PCI Security Standards Council, we are the trusted advisor to over 15000 clients worldwide.

NCC Group’s additional services include web performance & software testing, escrow & verification. Our services assure the quality of your software, the integrity of your infrastructure, the performance of your website and the long-term availability of business critical software and applications.