October 11th 2017 - October 18th 2017 | 11th - Dynamic Earth, Edinburgh | 18th - Uni. of Strathclyde, Technology & Innovation Centre, Glasgow

GDPR: The Future of Data Protection - 18 October, Glasgow


Exhibition, Registration and Refreshments


Welcome and introduction from Chair

Keith Aitken, Journalist & Broadcaster​

Session 1: GDPR: The Future of Data Protection


The Changing Landscape of Data Protection

  • Why GDPR and Why now?
  • The ICO’s position
  • What’s still to come?

Maureen H Falconer, Regional Manager, Scotland, Information Commissioner's Office


The latest legal developments

  • The translation of GDPR into UK Law: where are we and what is coming next?

David Freeland, Senior Policy Officer, Information Commissioner’s Office


The Scottish Government’s Perspective on GDPR

  • Key priorities for data protection in Scotland and working across sectors.
  • What we are doing to prepare

Helen Findlay, Data Protection and Information Assets Team Leader, Scottish Government


Questions and Discussion


Exhibition, Networking and Refreshments

Transition to breakouts

Session 2: GDPR: Assessing, Protecting and Sharing Data

Delegates attend two of three pre-selected breakouts examining key aspects of GDPR.

Breakout A: Print & Document Management: An Enabler For GDPR with Xerox

GDPR presents an opportunity to improve citizen services by implementing a holistic data strategy. Removing paper and moving to digital processes means that your data will be easier to find, store and manage, and help with GDPR compliance. Join Xerox’s workshop on print and document management to discuss transformation strategies that will help optimise outcomes for your organisation and the people you serve.

Jonathan Elliott, Director & General Manager, Public Sector, Xerox UK & Ireland & Leigh Gripton, Senior Business Consultant – Public Sector, Xerox

Breakout B: Breach Notification Under GDPR

This talk aims to discuss some of the requirements around breach notification coming into force in May 2018 under the General Data Protection Regulations.  It will help attendees understand what will be expected of them under the regulation, when to report, what to report and ways to avoid falling into some of the pitfalls that may not be necessarily apparent. 

Tim Anderson, Associate Director, NCC Group

Breakout C: Never mind the Bollocks, Here's the Great GDPR Swindle!

A 3-chord atonal but pragmatic, common sense approach to GDPR compliance...

(A fabulous fun packed frivolous forty minutes with everyone's favourite four letters)!

Stuart Macdonald, Managing Director, Seric Systems


First breakout


Transition Between Breakouts


Second breakout


Exhibition, Lunch and Networking

Session 3: Key Challenges: Preparing for the GDPR


Panel Discussion

Chaired by Maureen H Falconer, Regional Manager, Scotland, Information Commissioner's Office​, with:

  • Alan Bell, Head of Information Governance and Joint Assistant Director, Culture & Information, University of Dundee
  • Laura Irvine, Partner, BTO Solicitors LLP
  • Tim Musson, Specialist in Data Protection and GDPR
  • Alice Wilson, Information Governance Lead, Children’s Hearings Scotland

If you would like to submit questions or comments to the panel, you can do so in advance by emailing craig@holyrood.com, via twitter or please visit the Registration area on the day.


Exhibition, Networking and Refreshments

Session 4: Dealing With GDPR in Practice


Glasgow City Council’s Implementation of the New Data Protection Legislation 

  • Governance structure around Glasgow City Council’s GDPR project
  • How the Council is cascading practical tasks across the organisation to ensure implementation by May 2018
  • Putting in place an internal communications strategy for GDPR

Deborah Henderson, Legal Manager, Corporate and Property Law Section, Glasgow City Council


Breach Tactics Post May 2018

  • What enforcement and compensation will look like under the GDPR post May 2018
  • How to deal with a data incident to minimise the impact on your organisation

Laura Irvine, Partner, BTO Solicitors LLP


Preparing Our Information Assets and Staff for GDPR Compliance

  • Who were are, what data we use and why
  • How we are overcoming the GDPR challenges

Richmond Davies, Service Manager, Statistical Governance, Data Quality & Information Governance, NHS National Services Scotland


Questions and Discussion


Chair's Summary of the Day


Close of Conference